How can the endurance of electric inspection UAV be effectively solved?

2018-07-28 12:53:47 114

How can the endurance of electric inspection UAV be effectively solved? Industrial surveying and mapping UAVs such as electric power patrol line, police reconnaissance, search and rescue have higher requirements for endurance. Some insiders say that airtime is a prerequisite for industrial surveying and mapping UAVs to solve all operational problems. Once the airtime problem is solved, the application scenario and use of Industrial Surveying and mapping UAVs will be greatly expanded. Way. So how to effectively solve the problem of the endurance of the electric patrol UAV?


The flight principle of Surveying and mapping UAV is different from that of civil aviation airliner. Airliner can provide vertical force by air pressure difference between upper and lower wings to realize the flight of airliner. Most surveying and mapping UAVs are multi-rotor aircraft. They lift the fuselage entirely by the pulling force of the propeller, which means that the small fuselage needs a lot of energy to maintain its power. Lithium batteries are the most common power source for surveying and mapping UAVs. However, due to the limitation of energy density, it is impossible to make a big breakthrough at present. Therefore, if surveying and mapping UAVs want to solve the problem of endurance, they can only start from other directions.

At present, the solar cell conversion efficiency has increased to 31.6%, a world record. This breakthrough will redefine the use of solar cells, especially in mapping the UAV market. However, solar mapping UAV is too affected by the environment and faces many technical bottlenecks.

There are few studies on the coupling between solar array and system in China, which seriously restricts the overall demonstration of power supply for long-term mapping UAV, and makes it difficult to determine the overall flight procedure, mission trajectory and flight power for mapping UAV.

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