Why is mapping UAV positioning so accurate?

2018-07-28 12:53:54 127

Why is mapping UAV positioning so accurate? The precise positioning of Surveying and mapping UAV is due to the application of the MEMS magnetic sensor used to detect the earth's magnetic field to the navigation system of aerial photography UAV, in order to improve the accuracy and speed of navigation and positioning. 


Aerial camera UAV can be divided into professional and consumption levels according to its specific application. Consumer UAV aerial photography systems often use magnetic sensors from mobile phones and other consumer products, while professional UAVs often use industrial-grade MEMS magnetic sensors to ensure the accuracy of navigation and positioning due to strict requirements for aerial photography stability and quality. At present, GPS + inertial navigation is adopted in aerial photo unmanned navigation. Inertial navigation usually consists of two or more sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and/or GPS) for the course and velocity vectors of aircraft relative to the earth.

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