What role does the sensor play in the development of drones?

2018-07-28 12:54:01 191

Sensors make pilotless, and speedometers are used to determine position and flight attitude. These small MEMS sensors play a key role in maintaining flight control. There are many ways to sense the motion attitude of the accelerometer, and one type of technology can sense the tiny motion of the micro integrated circuit. This kind of "diving board" movement changes the current movement in the structure, thus indicating the displacement change related to gravity.

Another accelerometer technology, thermal convection technology, has several obvious advantages. Instead of moving parts, it perceives movement changes through the displacement of a "hot air mass". This kind of sensor has high sensitivity and plays an important role in stabilizing aerosol and cruising. By controlling the up and down movement and vibration protection function, the staff can complete plant protection work more accurately and efficiently.

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