Are there any unmanned aerial vehicle maintenance tips that you have overlooked?

2018-07-27 13:45:49 88
In recent years, UAV has become more and more popular. Whether it is for work or entertainment, it is inevitable that there will be damage in the use process. The daily maintenance of UAV is the guarantee of UAV flight safety and use time. Battery Batteries are absolutely consumable in UAV. Six criteria should be followed in the process of use: "not long enough, not long enough to place, not enough power to save, not damaging the skin, not short circuit, not `catch cold'". When flying, try not to run out of battery power. When returning, at least 15% of battery power should be maintained and flying at a uniform speed. If the battery is not in use for a long time, please store it half-electrically. Do not store it at full voltage or empty voltage. Charger should set the type of charging battery and plug connection correctly. When using batteries, pay attention to whether the voltage and electricity drop too fast. Usually, when used twice a week, the batteries begin to age significantly for at least one year. Batteries should not be used when bulging occurs, because it does not guarantee long flight time. When you go out to work, you should pay attention to the "warmth" and "cooling" of batteries.

Propeller consumption is less than that of battery, but it is also one of the key points of maintenance.

There are not many chances of blade breaking in normal use, but the damage of blade often occurs due to visual error or improper manipulation, or even accident. At this time, it is necessary to pay special attention to whether there are cracks or notches in the blades, which directly affect flight stability. If the damage is serious, it is better to replace the new propeller directly.

Electric machinery

Motor is also one of the factors that affect the flight stability of UAV.

If the motor fails, the best thing is that it can't fly, and the worst thing is that it crashes. Therefore, the motor problems must be repaired in time.

When working in sand and dust environment, attention should be paid to cleaning in time after use, so as to avoid damage to electronic components such as motors.


As the basic structure of UAV, fuselage is also an important part of UAV connecting various components. Take Swiss eBee and Star MINI UAV for example, if the fuselage is slightly damaged, special glue can be used to bond, which will not affect the continued use of UAV. If it is seriously damaged, please return to the factory for replacement.

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